Blessings Promise Pots Workshop

Saturday 25th January 2pm - 5 pm Come and allow you inner child to come out and Play. Where you we will Paint, Laugh, Draw, and just let your natural energy flow into designing a Pot, that we will set with Intentions for whatever you wanting to enhance in your lives for the New Century 2020 and the New Year ahead. Whowwieieieieieiiiiiiieeeee We will do a Meditation to balance and align our chakra systems which when balanced always let us be the best we can be. You will paint and create your very own Clay Promise post, where you will be setting your intentions, taking your dreams and aspirations and cementing them into the physical being your pot. You will then plant your seeds of intention Promising to nurture, love, care for it, as you would for yourself. With Passion, Love and Purpose, putting and setting your Intentions for 2020 All that you are wanting to manifest in the New Year. Energy Exchange R450 p\p which will include your pot, soil seeds, paints, embellishments, notes, Refreshments and snacks. Payment or Deposit will secure you spot for this interactive and creative morning. Contact me should you be willing to allow yourself a morning of setting intentions, creating and soul discovery, fun and laughter, with like minded souls In Serene & Safe Surroundings in Winchester Hills Jhb South Lynnie - 081 409 7544

Sun 1st Dec – 2 PM – 5 PM

Wow as we approach a New Era in 2020 its that time where I am starting to plan my next Vision Board Workshop. So many of you have been asking when will I do another one.
After such success and Amazing results from each beautiful soul that took part in the precious vision board workshops and created and placed into reality what they wanted to manifest.

So if you are ready to Manifest and create what you are wanting to bring into your life then this is the workshop for you.
Just changing and shifting your perspective and raising your vibration to match that of the energy you want to attract in your life.

We will do a meditation and some clearings to assist with this.

Then it will be fun and laughter, and some serious thoughts as you start to cement your dreams into the physical (your board )
Join me on Sunday 1st December 2019
2pm – 5 pm
In beautiful ,safe and serene surroundings

Bring a friend and come and have some fun

Energy Exchange R 350 pp
All inclusive, your board, your embellishments, paints, pens, glue
magazines, etc.
Refreshments & Snacks

Deposit or full payment secures your spot

Contact Me : Lynnie 081 409 7544

Creating, Setting Intentions and sharing with beautiful souls
so miss out on this powerful and creative way of setting your goals and dreams for the New Year 2020