ZEN GARDEN – ( Small )


Handmade Zen Garden – Made out of Wood and Spray Painted

Each Zen Garden comes with :

1 x Wooden Box

1 x bag of sand

3 x Racks

3 x Pebbles

The practice of building and maintaining the garden is to promote meditation, which plays a large role in Zen Buddhism. As the gardener rakes, it gives the mind time to “release, organize, and integrate specific thoughts,” and sometimes it allows for no thoughts at all. Zen gardens are specifically designed to promote relaxation, focus, and peace. The rocks represent an eternal element of nature in a Zen garden. There are five categories of these rocks. “Kikyaku (the element of earth) is a reclining stone that sets near the foreground. Shintai (the element of water) is either horizontal or flat, and is often used as a base stone. Shigyo (the element of fire) arches and sets to the side of other shaped stones. Reisho (the element of metal) is  vertical and low-lying, demonstrating the firm nature of metal. Finally the Taido (the element of wood) is a vertical, tall stone implying trees and usually goes to the back of a design so it doesn’t impede the view.” These rocks are important to promoting the intentions of the garden has they each represent powerful symbolism in the religion.

Because they are designed to invoke peace, tranquility, and meditation, it is often up to the viewer of the garden to gather their own personal meaning, which is essentially the beauty of it all. It is a sacred place to meditate on the teachings of Buddha, whatever that may mean to the viewer. Each separate garden will never mean the same thing to the viewer as it did to the gardener. This allows the garden to actually serve its purpose: meditation and thought/reflection.  The Zen garden is a large epitome of the how aesthetics play a large role in Zen Buddhism and their practice of meditation (which to them is one of the best ways to further your self-knowledge and understanding).

Find your inner peace, Meditate, de-stress your Zen Garden will help you with anxiety and bring calmness and relaxation into your busy life.

Great for Home or Office.

Makes a wonderful Gift and beautiful spoil to yourself or someone special



Handmade Zen Gardens

Zen Garden – Small – Size 20 cm x 20 cm



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