TULSI WOODEN MALA ENGRAVED – Tibetan Prayer Beads – 38 cm


¬†Magical Tibetan Prayer beads Mala’s
Why 108 Beads -or 54 ( twice around then equal the count of 108 )
Traditionally 108 beads, representing the number of mental conditions or 108 stages on the journey of the human soul, 108 energy lines connection to the human heart or desires that one must overcome to reach enlightenment or Nirvana, while passing the beads between the fingers and repeating a mantara, prayer, affirmation or chanting.
All Mala’s will come in there own pouch.

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Tulsi Wooden Mala Engraved – Tibetan Prayer Beads – 38 cm

Rejuvenates the mind – brings luck and fortune.

Tulsi clears the Aura, fills heart with the sensation of the Divine


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