Fruit Assortment Incense Sticks – Tulasi


A delightful Assortment of Fruit Incense Sticks

Each flavor separately packed in your box ( 5 packets )

  • Strawberry – The fragrance of Strawberry can promote overall well-being and help provide relief from stress and anxiety.
  • Kiwi – Overall balance of body, mind & Spirit
  • Coconut – It’s a great relaxant and soothes your mind. It helps treat anxiety and also helps give you peace of mind.
  • Green Apple – green apple aroma may affect emotions positively in other contexts, helping to reduce the severity of migraine symptoms during an attack.
  • Tangerine – Calming effect and works as a relaxing agent by soothing agitated nerves. It helps reduce tension as well as emotional imbalances and helps alleviate mood swings and nervousness. These effects promote well-being as well as healthy sleep.


  • Scents, aromas, fragrances (however you describe them) can be used to trigger specific responses.
  • For instance; to encourage relaxation,
  • aid sleep,
  • promote concentration,
  • stimulate creativity,
  • increase motivation and heighten sexual desire.
  • In addition, there’s also a whole raft of religious, aesthetic and practical reasons.
  • A further dimension is that specific fragrances or ingredients can be used for specific purposes.


A delightful Assortment of Fruit Incense sticks x 6 packets

Each flavor separately packed in your box

  • Strawberry
  • Kiwi
  • Coconut
  • Green Apple
  • Tangerine

Incense is a substance that’s burned to produce a fragrant scent. In fact, the word “incense” is derived from the Latin word for “to burn.”

Incense has been around since ancient times — it was used in religious rituals in ancient Egypt, Babylon, and Greece, India

Over the centuries and into the present day, people throughout the world have used incense for a variety reasons, including as a:

  • component of various religious practices
  • tool to counteract bad or disagreeable odors
  • way to repel negative energies





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