Nag Champa & Sage Incense Sticks


Nag Champa & White Sage – Magical Mix

Like pure sandalwood, Nag champa is a sacred incense that purifies any environment, energetically transforming your space into a meditation room, naturally clearing out any negative energy and filling it with positive vibrations.

“Sage has many medicinal benefits. The Tulasi Sage fragrance is a wonderfully light scent to soothe and calm your senses”.

Sage has been used for centuries to purify, cleanse and clear negative energy

Sage is an ancient warm and heady aroma known for its relaxing properties. Originating in the Middle East part of the world Sage has a history of being used for soothing, calming and rejuvenating.

Made by hand, No child labor used, Not tested on Animals, Non-toxic, Alcohol free.

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Nag Champa &  White Sage Incense

Magical Mix of Aroma



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