Lotus Pillar Candles


Candle Magick 🕯 – Lotus Candles – Now in Stock…
Been keeping busy……. Lotus Pillar candles that I made
You know how I absolutely love a Lotus Flower..

If magic flows where intention goes, then candle magic illuminates that intention and releases it outward into the world.
How? Practical witch, western astrologer and candle maker of Dearly Departed Apothecary, Candace Looft says “lighting candles is one of the oldest and most traditional ways to let the universe know specifically what you want.
From the day of the week you light it to the direction you apply the oil [during a candle-magic ritual], all of these actions reflect the intention you’re setting.
When you combine this method along with the dressing of specific herbs, burning during certain planetary hours or lunar cycles, the intent of that candle is then magnified immensely.” ~BohdiTree~

R50 Each – White, Cream , Red


Lotus Pillar Candles





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