Kyanite Rough Pieces


Blue Kyanite

From the Greek Work “Kyanos” meaning Blue

Cuts through fears and blockages, helping to speaks one’s truth.

Great for channeling, and balancing chakras.

Its one of the stones that dont need to be cleansed.

And it does not do well in to much water (most stones ending in ITE are best charged in sunlight ) not soaked in water.

Its a great stone for Astral Projection, so placing on third eye before bedtime, or alongside you bed.

It really also ground and absorbs energy helping you will doing spiritual work on earth.

  • Throat & Third Eye Chakra
  • Air Energy
  • Aries, Taurus, Libra
  • Angel Michael



Raw Kyanite Pieces

+- 4 cm pieces

Its an Aluminum Silicate mineral that crystallizes in the forms of elongated bladed structures

Stone of Communication and Self Expression

A Crystal a day keeps the doctor away
Crystals and the Energy from crystals have been used since the dawn of man.
Their absolute beauty and power has mesmerized us and assisted us in healing and balancing our lives.
I use crystals daily in my Healing Practice and in my own life and home and when I do my Crystal Workshops.
Crystals can be used to keep on you, place in your cars, homes, Offices to clear, and enhance the energies of any space.
Used to make crystal water and elixir’s.
Used on for Crystal Grids
( I do have many different Crystal Grid Boards in stock )


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