Burning Incense has been something done for centuries to assist with prayers, meditation and relaxation.

Incense sticks create a heady and magical atmosphere in your home or any space

  • The original Nag Champa, as it used to be in the 1970’s, before most brands started using cheap substitutes..
  • Genuine Ganesha Incense brand product. Indian style incense sticks with high-grade ingredients..
  • Manufactured according to ancient Ayurvedic recipes. Natural, healthy ingredients.
  • No toxic chemicals or headache-inducing irritants..
  • Ideal as a gift thanks to luxurious, yet environmentally conscious packaging..
  • Hand-rolled in India by artisan incense makers..


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Each Box contains:

• 15 Grams Incense per Tube
R 12 Each

• Hand rolled in India using the finest natural herbs, resins and Masala. Burning duration is approximately 45 min per stick.



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